Part 3: Modern Paul Newman Daytonas

The Complete History Of The Paul Newman Daytona

[Part 3 of 3]

Three More Modern Paul Newman Daytona Watches

Paul Newman Daytona #3
Zenith White Dial Stainless Daytona

This photo was taken in November 2007 at the Champ World Series GP in Mexico City where and Paul Newman is congratulating his driver Sebastian Bourdais for winning the event for his Newman-Haas racing team and we see Paul Newman wearing a modern stainless steel Rolex Daytona with a Zenith movement and white dial on an Oyster bracelet.
Somebody wrote in saying they thought the Rolex Daytona that Paul Newman is wearing above might be a Reference 116520 which has the in-house Rolex movement. I am 100% certain it is NOT a Reference 116520 and that it is a Zenith movement Daytona just like the one I took the photo of pictured below.
The 3 and 6 subdials on the 116520 sit-up higher on the dial than they do on the Zenith. As you can see on the Zenith dial below and above, the subdials are perfectly centered on the 3 and 6 markers.

Paul Newman Daytona #4
Zenith Black Dial Stainless Daytona

In the photo below we see Paul Newman wearing a fourth Rolex Daytona. This time a modern stainless steel Daytona with a Zenith movement and black dial.

Paul Newman Daytona #5
Modern White Gold Daytona with Black Dial & Crocodile Strap

This next photos of Paul Newman shows him wearing a fifth Rolex Daytona. This time is is a modern white gold Rolex Daytona with a black dial on a crocodile strap.

The next two photos of Paul Newman were taken just before he passed away. Of course he was at the race track and he was wearing his white gold Rolex Daytona on a black crocodile strap. Paul Newman had pure passion for Rolex and Racing…
I must admit that whenever I look at the photo above and the photo below, they make me sad. I don’t know if I am just reading between the lines, but my interpretation of the images is as follows: These are some of the last photo taken of Paul Newman in public before he passed away. As you can see he is unusually thin and frail looking.
In the photo above and below, Paul Newman is 83 years old and I believe that when these photos were taken, he realized he was close to death. I see him taking-in the race-track, perhaps for the last time and as we know, he not only loved racing, but also loved watching car racing.
It appears to me that he is taking-in the beauty of the race-track for the last time and he looks sad because he realizes how close he is to the end of his life. I realize I could be way of with my analysis, but I thought I would share it with you ;-)-:

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