Welcome to the unofficial Rolex Daytona information website.  I recently purchased a Daytona and in the process I spent months researching the various models, styles, versions and history of the Daytona.  There is a huge amount of user generated content out there about the Daytona, and pretty much anything you want to know about this great watch can be found on the Internet somewhere. Somewhere…  The problem is it’s not all in the same place, as a result I ended up with dozens of bookmarks and documents that I kept jumping between during my research. All of this great content has been provided free by generous people who want to help other current and potential Daytona owners.

So now that I have my Daytona, I thought I’d do my bit to give something back to all the people that have helped me over the past months, and I could do this by collating everything I found out about the Daytona into one single place, here.

99% of what you read on this site is taken from other sites around the web, I’ve added my own summaries to link some of the information together in context, but most of it isn’t mine, its the result of hard work by others.  So its very important to me that I thank and acknowledge everyone that has contributed to this pool of knowledge. I have provided links to all of the original material and stated where the info comes from, but if you are the author of any of the info I have used and have any concerns about my use of it, please let me know so I can address your concerns.


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