Care FAQ

Fact sheet:

[Source: Rolex Forum]

– You cannot overwind an automatic watch.

– Your automatic watch will not keep running with just wearing it.
(You have to actually move enough to keep it wound.)

– The date can change anywhere between 11:55pm and 12:05am. 
(If it changes around 12:00pm, just move your hands 12 hours forward.)

Sapphire crystals can scratch, chip and shatter.

– Oils will dry out inside the movement over time.
(even though people claim it to be airtight/ having synthetic oils which shouldn’t dry, etc.)

You can turn the crown both ways while manually winding your watch. 
(It only works one way, but you don’t damage anything the other way.)

You can turn the hands of your watch backwards when adjusting the time, or date. No worries!

You can quickset the date any time of day on any Rolex.
(Be aware that with some other movement, like ETA this is not always possible)

– Any Rolex will loose it’s water resistance rating if gaskets aren’t replaced on a regular basis. Gaskets do deteriorate over time.

Rolex does not sell watches on-line, and does not allow AD’s to sell over the phone or internet.

Authorized Rolex repair centers and watchmakers are not allowed to work on watches with after-market parts on them.

Rolex will not honor a warranty, without the original paperwork or card properly filled out and belonging to the original purchaser.

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