16520 Bracelets

The 16520 Bracelets

By Delgado

Source: DoubleRedSeaDweller.com [http://www.doubleredseadweller.com/16520bracelets.html]

The original bracelet on the 16520 from 1988-89 was a 78360 with a non fliplock clasp. The center links were not polished.

The second is a 78390 with center polished links.

The third bracelets were 78390A with a flip lock clasp but no divers extension was present.

In 1999 (A and P Serial) a new SEL (Solid End Link) bracelet was introduced. This eliminated the Rolex “rattle” of the bracelet.



For comparison, Below is a photo of a A Serial and R Serial Watches..


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